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Mark Zifchock is a developer and digital artist, with over 25 years of development, design, and project management experience.  After studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC he pivoted to enterprise application development, eventually opening a development service firm, but continued to produce public interactive and data driven digital artworks ( for the Seattle Public Library and Downtown Ithaca ), interactive applications, and video games.  He was the founding president of Ithaca Generator, a vibrant makerspace that’s still growing today. He is happily married to the truly dynamic and amazing Claire Fox, and has two wonderful sons. He is passionate about exploring technical frontiers to understand how machines can help humans better relate to one another.

Notable recent achievements:

Developed particle system simulation game particle planet ( started in 2005 )

Founding President of Ithaca Generator РIthaca’s first makerspace ( 2012 )

Partner, with Rama Hoetzlein, Physical Sky ( 2013 )

Debuted Jack Spriggan – a VR platformer – at PAX East ( 2017 ) and subsequently released to the Steam store

Built code and deployable Unity applications for interactive 360 video project Virtual Burly with filmmaker Becky Lane ( 2018 )

Developed VR and AR solutions for the Cornell University’s Virtual Embodiment Lab ( 2019 )

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