… once what we do intuitively can be described and compared with nonintuitive ways of doing the same things, we cannot go on accepting the intuitive method innocently.

Christopher alexander
notes on the synthesis of form

The trick was getting the child-vines to properly align with the parent ( as it twisted, grew higher, and diminished in diameter ), while realistically spiralling around it. A combination of trigonometry and raycasts did the job.

Exploring Unity’s Entity Component System

The bleeding-edge Entity Component System is a new way to create high-performance applications in Unity. Its a set of extensions to Unity that support and encourage developers to write code that can exploit multiple processor cores more easily, and ultimately upgrade and reuse behavioral code more easily.

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Custom Shaders for Immersive Media

I worked with a local filmmaker on a 360 degree VR video experience. I review my experience with node-based shaders to create a custom vignette for the application, and briefly discuss handwritten HLSL shaders to exploit depth data from Google’s 360 Jump hardware.

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